Usually, before handing the letter of resignation due to poor performance, the employee makes verbal communication of the output to his/her boss. This is the point at which employee talks (basically asks) about the reasons of leaving the company, tell the time period he will take to pass his work to someone else, matches the amount of days that will still work and the dismissal of the other days of the notice. By law, the employee still has to work another 30 days from the date of notice of his resignation, as a notice, under penalty of having to pay a month’s salary. But incase, the company takes forceful resignation then the company has to pay one month’s salary to the employee.

Resignation letter due to poor performance

So if the employee already has another job set, it is important to have a conversation with the boss regarding the joining. After the formal adjustments, the employee must submit his/her letter of resignation to the personnel department. If it does not meet all the notice must request the exemption in the letter of resignation. Also, if the company terminates the employee on one day notice then this formality is not required.

The resignation must be made in a simple and direct way. There are cases where the employee, to have a position of trust and have remained long in the company, so it is important to explain the reasons why he/she was underperforming and why is he/she leaving. There are also cases where the employee has contributed directly in projects with a return to the company and want to describe them, even if there is a possibility to return to work in the company (only if company considers). It is important to remember that the resignation letter due to under performance will be in the company’s files. It should be done in two ways, and may be required a third way for the union.

How to resign gracefully?


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